Welcome to Prap Design

My name is Pradip. On this site, you will see some of my designs and portfolio including my photography works. For the past five years, I have spent most of my time designing websites as a freelancer and being a web and graphic designer for few companies from the United States of America, UK, Canada, Australia and many more. While I am working as a web designer online, it happened that my past time is being a photographer.I got my first camera way back in the year 2006 and had been practicing photography for the last 8 years. I am very happy to showcase here my works with you guys and feel free to use them to your brochures, projects and even to your commercials. It’s fine with me.

Being a web and graphics designer, my goal is to have a clean and stunning output that will surely make the client love it. It is my duty to beautify the websites of the client and minimize back jobs like changes that they won’t like. I have to make sure that everything is close to perfect that my client will surely agreed to the design to lessen the time revising everything if they do not like something about it.

On this site, you will also see the websites and blogs that I have designed for my clients from different parts of the world.

The tools that I used with this kind of work includes, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, and some adobe products for designing.