Free Stock Photo Sites: A Drift from Licensed Photography

They say that the best things in life are free. When it comes to love, that may be true but not in stock photography. High-quality images come with a price. They’re either affordable or expensive. But, stock photo sites don’t offer them for free. After all, these images don’t just enhance the overall design of … Read more

The Long and Short of Adobe’s New Stock Images

Among the general public, Adobe is possibly one of the most under-appreciated digital media companies in existence. However, among the thousands of people who use their digital tools to the fullest, such as Photoshop, Adobe is something they can’t live without. Adobe has a few key niches—with their newest niche being in stock images. Stock … Read more

Where to buy Stock Photos from the Best Stock Photo Sites?

As a creative professional, you may be aware of the risks of getting free images from creative commons and the public domain. Getting photos without spending a penny can get you a lot of trouble. You will not only lose your reputation but also you’re hard earned cash. To stay away from the copyright police, … Read more